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Ranu Mondal’s Misbehaviour: Her arrogance is shared by most celebs, she is just losing at the PR game

“Her arrogance in the video says just one thing. She loves what she has got in a short period. She wants to be treated like a celebrity"

ranu mandal misbehaviour with fan

Ranu Mondal was caught amidst fans at a store, no security around her, no media, just people. A fan, a woman couldn’t resist her excitement and tapped Ranu Mondal’s shoulder, requesting for a selfie. What happened next is already burning on social media platforms. She arrogantly snubbed the excited fan for touching her. Check out the video here.

The fan wouldn’t have tapped a Sharukh Khan or a Kailash Kher like she did here. She just felt a little at ease with Ranu Mondal. After all she has risen from anonymity in just the past few months. People connect with her because of her ‘rags to riches’ story. They see hope in her. Her story makes them believe in destiny. She has the ‘one-of-us’ card going for her. But somebody needs to put this in her ears. Success has overridden her humility and that’s evident. And it happens with most celebs. They feel they belong to some higher specie that needs to be treated in a very exclusive way. They just deal with it in a better way. The PR teams are always in their ears. They understand the power of camera and the power of perception. However, Ranu Mondal is fast losing this PR war. She is giving away her most prized possession –the image of a common woman. If she has to succeed in industry she needs to ride on this wave of public empathy that propelled her to where she is in the first place.


There are defendants of her act too; people who believe celebrities should be given their due space. That’s true. There is a reason why celebs prefer abroad locations for a vacation. Fans can be intrusive at times. But what people like Ranu Mondal need to learn is that this intrusion, no matter how difficult is a form of love and should be treated like that. You don’t want them to be touching you, say it in a nice way.

Her arrogance in the video says just one thing. She loves what she has got in a short period. She wants to be treated like a celebrity. She is quickly growing used to the fame, quicker than anybody in recent memory. But she needs to remember one thing, the quicker the rise, sharper the fall! Maintaining success is a lot more difficult than achieving it.

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