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Sustainable fashion is the new ‘in-thing’, here’s why you must go for it

"Who won’t love to have an evergreen wardrobe laden with variety of dresses which are never out of vogue and won’t just rot sitting in there? "

We are humans, we love to eat and we love to shop. While the former is a momentarily pleasure, it’s the latter that we can sustain for a period of time. Who won’t love to have an evergreen wardrobe laden with variety of dresses which are never out of vogue and won’t just rot sitting in there? You love that dress and you so much want to buy it because it’s just the thing at the moment, one piece of fabric that almost every cool celeb is putting on. But either it’s too costly or is one of those cheap duplicates from Sarojni Nagar market. Where is that sustainable, affordable and trendy fashion for the middle class?

Sustainable fashion is the new rage. People are talking about it in the town. No one wants to stuff their wardrobes with garbage anymore. And it’s here where sustainable fashion is making fans all over the world. Sustainable fashion is environment-friendly, so you won’t feel you are being a burden on the environment while you put on that dress. You might just feel you are a tree, long lasting and fresh. Sustainable fashion is a more conscious approach, from production till distribution. There are brands out there who don’t give a damn about the environment. They just want to race ahead and if it involves selling you absolute garbage, then so be it. Their money-at-all-costs nature is just killing us all. You may well avoid such brands. However, sustainable fashion can still be pricey. And there are just few labels out there which would dish out all the class in the world to you in an eco-friendly way.

Rashi Sagar Jaiswal -The Label

One such label is Rashi Sagar Jaiswal-The Label. It is a blooming venture based in Ayodhya. Rashi Sagar, the women in-charge at this wonderful label has her roots from NIFT, India’s premier fashion college. And she just understands what the customer needs. But that’s not all. We interviewed her and found out she is equally concerned about low paid workers in the fashion industry. And then she had clients who found sustainable fashion pricey. And eureka she decided she just had to be the solution. She tries to minimize the cost of production so that workers’ remuneration can be increased and for her clients, it becomes more affordable, one technique that has helped her win hearts on either sides of the production line.

And there are more like Rashi Sagar out there, people who are thinking a little more than making money. You just need to find the best for yourself. Leap on to them before everyone else does. You might be missing a lot of satisfaction. And that is one thing which is gold in this chaotic world.