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5 tricks to make your offended partner talk

"The real tricky part is getting back to the loving ways. While you both crave to talk, no one wants to take the initiative"

Fights are as common in relationships as a kiss in a corner seat at the movie theatre. They don’t happen always but the likelihood can never be denied. The real tricky part is getting back to the loving ways. While you both crave to talk, no one wants to take the initiative. Here are 5 tricks that can just cut that fight short.

Make them jealous

One emotion that’s hardest to subdue is jealousy. While they are still upset with you, they absolutely want you to stay loyal. Why not take advantage of that? Hit the softest spot. Pretend you are texting someone late in night. Don’t forget to pass those giggles in between. Start liking random pictures of boys or girls on social media, whatever is true for you. They may not be talking to you but stalking you, they surely do. And once you smell the smoke, be assured the outburst is coming. And when it comes, and they talk to you, just turn it into love.

Fake that ache

Well, we are being a bit criminal here. Playing with emotions is not a good thing but if a little drama can make your partner take care of you, why not? Hold your stomach and take the bed or just put that wet handkerchief on your forehead, whatever is easier to enact. And if you want things to happen quicker, just trip on nothing and kiss the floor. They may be mad at you, but they can’t resist taking care of you, that of course if they are not planning a divorce.

Hide it away

What is one thing they can absolutely not live without? Of course, other than you that is-Perhaps the phone or the charger? Or you may just be better off hiding their purse when they are just about to move out. Just make them so desperate that they have to talk to you, now that they have initiated, keep your own shitty ego aside and let the spring blossom.

Fight to fix

Ever heard that saying ‘iron cuts iron’? You need to do just that. You might be shying away from making a normal conversation or confessing your love. But how does another fight treat your ego? It keeps it intact. If you have been in a relationship long enough, you would know that picking up a fight is the easiest thing to do. Just make sure the topic you pick up is silly and gets quickly resolved. Otherwise, well, well we are not to be blamed. Just have that fight. Never let it grow out of hand and then just calm down as they reason with you, smile at your stupidity and leap on them.

What if we don’t live together?

Okay, agreed. We have been a bit unfair to long distance couples so far. What if you don’t have the luxury to see your partner every day? Here’s the trick. Send them some flowers and chocolates. But how can you? You don’t want to act first. There comes the best part, buy some flowers for yourself too and under the ‘from’ section put your partner’s name. Click a picture and send it across. Ask them why they sent you flowers. And guess what? They have the same thing to ask. Now, just act surprised and let the conversation flow. Fight over.