How strong is India’s response to coronavirus compared to the world?

Shivam Singh | April 06, 2020
India's response to corona virus compared to the world

It’s a waste of digital ink to add any further on how much of a grave threat coronavirus is. If you are in a lockdown and we bet you are, you probably.. uh no, definitely know all about the dreaded ‘C’ word.

The world is struggling to combat this virus. It’s just everywhere. And while the Chinese are doing mysteriously better than everybody else, the worldwide struggle can be classified into three groups –in the first group there are countries with limited resources like Sri Lanka or a Nepal who are striving hard to break the chain of transmission by imposing strict lockdowns.

In the second group there are countries with better resources like the US and the European countries which are trying to develop a vaccine. Is India a part of the group? Well, that’s for later.

The third group has just one country –Pakistan. And why just one? We couldn’t find any other country that could match the slavish mindset of this almost-Chinese colony. They didn’t evacuate their own citizens from China when the world was rushing airplanes to Wuhan. Their reasoning and in total practicality was “we are letting our students die in solidarity with China.. because well of course we live on the dirt on Chinese boots”.

In fact, the Paksitanis refused to act even after a video of a student crying for help went viral. That puts our own ministers one up. If something goes viral on social media, our tech-savvy politicians just get on it.

India has been quite appreciatively pre-emptive in its fight with the Chinese virus (we are not apologetic in calling it that). The lockdown was imposed way too early and quite efficiently if you consider the vastness of it. It’s a tough job keeping a diverse 1.3 billion population to their houses. Vehicles with food grains, vegetables and dairy are reaching out to the remotest colonies in smallest of the towns. Local ‘kiranawalas’ are beating the walmart-alikes in delivering groceries to homes. India can take pride in what it is pulling off. It’s enormous and unprecedented and speaks volumes about the collective resolve of the people of the subcontinent. Kudos to the government but hey, let’s not forget it happened because the people largely cooperated.

And of course there were some lunatics who quite graciously took the virus around on trips to various parts of India.. including the Andamans!

However, regardless of what happened, how well is India really doing now? Is lockdown all we have got? Are there any second plans? What happens after April 14?

The questions are plenty. But it’s only wise to have faith in the country’s leadership in these uncertain times. Cooperating is the best we can do. But yes, India’s fight with coronavirus is not just about the lockdown.

Bharat biotech, a Hyderabad based company is already in a tie up with University of Wisconsin to develop and large-scale produce a vaccine to combat coronavirus. The company has successfully commercialised 16 vaccines so far including one for the H1N1 flu. So, it can be said it has track record in developing vaccines for new and trending flus and viruses. The National Institute of Virology and Department of Biotechnology are also working against the clock to develop a vaccine.

We are doing better than the Americans. We are beating most European countries in limiting the spread of the virus. While Trump allowed the virus to pervade in America, India locked down the entire country. We might be short on resources but we more than made up for it. We were alert and we had the heart to do what a country with a multi-trillion dollar economy couldn’t because this is India and in this incredible land lives are the first priority.

And if we continue to abide by the rules being set by the government and not look at some dumb fake godmen for misguidance, we might just overcome this tragedy sooner and set an example for the world. Yes, in 2020 India has the potential to lead the world. We aren’t a third world country blindly following the first world anymore. Together we can, together we must.