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How to get fastag online? It’s mandatory from December

"Starting December 1st 2019, fastags will be mandatory across all national highways in India"

fastag banks

Have you ever found yourself stuck on a never ending queue at a toll plaza? Well, if you have ever taken a car out, chances are you have. The government is planning to end the trouble for you. However, it’s not possible without your cooperation. Starting December 1st 2019, fastags will be mandatory across all national highways in India. Here’s how you can get fastag for your car easily online.

Several banks across India are now issuing fastag. You can log on to the National Payments Corporation of India website to find the list of banks that are providing issue and acquire services pertaining to fastag. Here’s a direct link.


You would find that most major government and private banks are on the list including Bank of Baroda, ICICI bank, HDFC bank etc. Once you have selected the bank you want to get fastag from you just need to log on the website of that bank. For example, if you have chosen Axis bank, here’s a direct link to the fastag page of Axis.


Once you click on the ‘Buy Now’ option, you would be asked for your phone number. Enter your number and the OTP that pops up in your phone.

axis bank fastag procedure

Once you verify your phone number, you would be redirected to the details page. Enter all your details correctly.

axis bank fastag procedure

Once you are done filling all your details, move to the payments page. Pay the bank and you are done! The process with other banks is quite similar.

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