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At 54 years old, WWE keeps bringing in Undertaker to save TRPs and fans aren’t amused about it

"A plummeting TRP has forced WWE to keep the dead man walking"

He was every WWE lover’s hero, for the kids of 2000s, 90s and oh 80s too. Simply put he is very old but as it appears his charisma in the ring stays unmatched. Off late WWE has tried hard to push up its next-gen superstars but they have all failed to capture the fans’ imagination like Undertaker has. A plummeting TRP has forced WWE to keep the dead man walking. In one of the latest such instances, Undertaker made a surprise entry to save WWE’s new poster boy Roman Reigns from an attack. And well, here’s how fan responded to it.

Well, well, well no matter how much flak Undertaker’s forced returns draw online. In the end it seems a lot of fans love the legend. The TRPs shoot up every time he makes a return to the show. WWE is not shying away from keeping the old man active and why not if he keeps performing? Be it Dhoni at the world cup or Undertaker pushing WWEs falling TRPs. Legends are there for a reason. They need to stay, at least for the sake of childhoods of all 90s kids.