This one thing Kejriwal gave Delhi weighs more than all freebies combined

by ittisikhushi | Updated January 07, 2020
Kejriwal freebies

Opinion polls suggest Delhi is all set to bring Arvind Kejriwal back. They love the AAP government and they simply can’t imagine somebody else as their CM. Is it because of free electricity, free water, free Wi-Fi and free healthcare? Or is it because he made their schools better? Are the people of Delhi just too spoilt by Arvind’s welfare schemes to vote another party to power?

Well, all this could be true. Before Kejriwal, Delhi knew just one way of governance –one in which prices only soared. Who was this new bloke and what was his new style of governance that made essential services almost free for people? This was miraculous for many. And let’s not blame them. A lot of states in many developed countries are still only aiming to achieve all this. How could common folks from a developing nation even dream of such welfare schemes? Yes, the ‘freebies’ made a difference but there is something more, something rare about this Kejriwal-Delhi bond that has made AAP the force it is in Delhi.

The answer rests in Arvind Kejriwal’s aura, in his approachability, empathy and infectious humility. A party behaves like its leader, just like how kids copy their parents. These are qualities that you would find in almost the entire cadre of AAP. This CM doesn’t intimidate. Nobody feels threatened by him. And on a lighter note, he is the only Chief Minister in the country you can throw ink on and get away with.

The people are not afraid of him. They do not exactly respect him. It’s more or less a feeling of love you have for a family member. He never evades questions. He apologizes when he is wrong and more than anything else he understands his people. And that is what allows him to craft schemes that would appeal to the masses.

Putting long talk short, he is a people’s CM. They know he is on their side. And it’s not a difficult quality to have. You just need to have a strong conscience and love for the country, strictly referring to true love and not the hollow one some leaders today wear on their 56 inch chest. A country is not about the land. It’s about the people. If you don’t love the people you don’t love the country. How difficult is it to understand?

In Arvind Kejriwal and team, Delhites have got a group they can protest against without the fear of being thrashed. But how many times Delhites really had to protest against this man in the past five years? He just listens! He wouldn’t escape from correcting just because his arrogance is dearer to him –a leader who listens! Wasn’t it the actual idea when the constitution was drafted?

He is one leader in the country who is still asking for votes on the name of development, education and healthcare. He doesn't say vote for me because you hate Pakistan. He doesn't talk about religion and caste. He talks issues!

Why could nobody else think a martyr’s family deserves more than a sewing machine and a couple of lakhs? In most cases, families depended on them for their bread. How could they survive on pennies? Nobody but AK felt it. He distributed cheques one crore to such families. And mind you, they are not big vote banks. And that is how you serve those who put their lives on line for the country. Empty words don’t work in Delhi. It’s different.

A lot of common folks won’t understand how the budget doubled under Arvind Kejriwal but they understand that they now save thousands every month because their CM cares. And it’s this empathy that made people adopt odd-even without a fuss. Imagine telling people they couldn’t use the car they bought with their hard earned money. They would take to streets! Forget voting you to power again. But they saw something different in this man. They knew he was genuinely trying to make their lives better. This trust in administration is what Kejriwal has given Delhi which values more than anything else.

The people have seen him struggle on the streets and camp in LG office, all for Delhi. Nobody in Delhi has forgotten those vengeful days in which an AAP MLA was arrested every other day and government offices were raided. They stayed silent but everything was noted.

In coming days, the opposition would call Kejriwal an anarchist. They might accuse him of instigating riots. They would dig out his past, present and future and give a twist to it. He would be called Muffler Man and told to go to Pakistan. And in response the people of Delhi would just press a button on 8th February and fondly say ‘Jaesa bhi hai, apna hai’.