His name is Kejriwal and he is not a terrorist!

by ittisikhushi | Updated February 03, 2020
Arvind Kejriwal is not a terrorist

Arvind Kejriwal and AAP’s strategy for the assembly election is simple and constant. They are counting their works of 5 years to public and in fact are banking on it. Their leaders have gone public asking the citizens to vote only if they feel the government has performed. That’s a bold statement, something so obvious but yet unprecedented in Indian history.

On the other hand BJP has been constantly fiddling with its strategy. However, everything they have tried so far can be summed up under one heading –polarisation. And apparently things have gone so out of hand; a couple of leaders from their top brass have labelled the Delhi CM as a terrorist.

The idea is to paint Kejriwal as a sympathizer of the Tukde-Tukde gang and a Pakistan backed element. So how much truth is there in the BJP claims? Let us examine a few things Arvind Kejriwal has done for the people and decide.

Rs. 1 crore ‘Sammaan Rashi’ to families of Martyrs

The people in uniform while protect us from harm are also often the sole bread-earners of the family. And when one such brave soul lays down their life protecting the people, it’s the duty of the government to ensure their family doesn’t suffer. And to be honest, there is a lack of empathy and understanding in governments across the country in regards to this very important issue. A compensation of 5-10 lakhs is just not enough to sustain a family, educate children and protect their future.

Arvind Kejriwal honoured families with a sum of 1 crore whose sons achieved the highest honour safeguarding the country. Families of late Constable Birendra Singh and late Constable Deepak Kumar of Delhi police received cheques of 1 crore each in 2018. In the same year, Delhi government approved compensation of 1 crore each for families of 14 martyrs which included brave men from DFS, Delhi Police and Territorial Army.

Again, as recent as in January Amit Balyan, a fire fighter lost his life protecting people. His family too was presented with a cheque of 1 crore and a government job. Instances are plenty to prove the scheme is not limited to paper.

So this terrorist CM is taking care of families of martyrs like no other government in the country. That’s strange.

Educating The Future

Remember the British? Poor question. Have you read about the British in India? What was one thing they feared most? It was education. They didn’t want Indians to get educated. They hated our kids joining schools. They put curbs on our print media, influenced the syllabus and what not! They knew one simple thing. Every educated Indian would be a force to reckon with. Nobody with a book in hand would bow down to oppression. Education is that powerful!

So what stopped governments after governments in improving the standard of education in schools across the country? Perhaps the same Birtish era mindset, who knows? Or maybe it’s just a case of priorities. Arvind Kejriwal dedicated a quarter of his budget in strengthening the education system of the capital city. Government schools are now outperforming private ones. Every kid in the capital is now getting a chance to compete at the big stage and while Arvind Kejriwal does that he also knows he is developing a powerful critique of the government in the form of educated citizens. And he is enjoying that!

AAP may remain or disappear tomorrow. Nobody has seen the future but these kids who are receiving gold standard education would rise up one day to ensure the country goes the right path. What can be a bigger service to the nation? It’s difficult to name a terrorist who would educate children. What kind of terrorism is this?

Protecting lives

How do you recognize a terrorist? They kill people! But wait, if Arvind Kejriwal is a terrorist, why is he protecting thousands of lives by providing free and effective healthcare to all? Why is he building those world class mohalla clinics? Why has he tremendously improved hospitals across the capital? Why is he not charging people for all this?

And wait, that’s not it. Have you heard about the ‘Dilli ke farishte’ scheme? Now you can bring an accident victim to a hospital and he would be treated free! Just imagine how many lives can be saved by such a scheme. Actually, you don’t need to imagine. The government figure says over 3000 lives have been saved under this scheme.

Okay, so this new kind of terrorist is actually caring about every single life in the capital. Hmm, this is all getting so confusing. But isn’t he backed by Pakistan as BJP claims?

What is one thing Paksitan desperately wants? They want India to break up. They would love to see us fight with our own brothers on the name of religion. They want chaos and violence in the country. They definitely don’t want India progressing and educating its citizens. It’s upon the people to decide who is helping Pakistan’s case by spewing venom and who is strengthening India by propagating “insaan ka insaan se ho bhaichaara”.