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Best tablets in India

by ittisikhushi | Updated December 2019
best tablet india december 2019

A large chunk of the population still looks at tablets as oversized smartphones. But truth be spoken, what a tablet can do only a tablet can do, well ‘smartly’ and stylishly. And some companies just understand this so much better. Tablets have to be more powerful but also stylish.

They are big enough to flaunt at airport or at work. In our list of best tablets in India, we have included android, windows and iOs tablets (iPads are tablets, deal with it you loyalists!). And yes, all these tablets are under 30,000. If you want a costlier one just buy a convertible, duh!

Here is a list of top 5 tablets available in India

Apple iPad (7th Gen) 32 GB

ipad 7th Gen latest picture

Price: Rs. 29,000/-

Okay, this is the only tablet or iPad (whatever) we are going to put in the list. It does not compete in the numbers as far specifications are concerned but if you have used Apple, you just know why this is here. Nothing feels like Apple! So even if the lower priced tablets are offering more, iPad just makes up with its flawless performance. A 5MP camera on an iPad would get you better clicks than an 8 MP on another device. This one anyway has an 8.

The new iPad comes with a high-performance retina display and the 10.2 inch size to go with it; you just can’t miss any single piece of detail on Apple iPad 7th Gen. The compatible keyboard for this device is a full size one, of course you need to buy it. Apple just doesn’t believe in giving away accessories for free.

If you are planning to buy this flaunt-worthy device, just go for gold. The colour just stands out and it would be criminal to opt for anything else. Just have a look at it!

ipad 7th gen gold back


Can you play games on it? Well, the reviews suggest it’s an excellent platform to go to Pochinki. The RAM on it is just awesome. No lags!


ipad 7th Gen specifications

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 32 GB

samsung galaxy tab A

Price: Rs. 29,000/-

Now if you are ready to shed the bucks but want more features in your tablet this is the device. And yeah, if you are just too determined to slot that 4G sim of yours, no matter how awkward it is to talk on a tablet, well here you go.

With its 10.5 inch Full HD display, Samsung promises a cinematic viewing experience for its users. It’s not the most stylish thing in the market but yeah it’s not too thick too. It’s not Disney princess anyway, it’s an untiring workhorse with a 7300 mAh battery!

It comes with an innovative Bixby Vision technology, what it is? Well, imagine you are in a new city, open this, train it at the street ahead and it would help you find out all the information you need, just imagine a Pokemon Go style GPS.. Pika Pika.

There are three color options available for this device. We didn’t find the gold very attractive. And we are saying this again, just not the device to flaunt, until of course you keep the price tag on!


Samsung galaxy tab A specifications

Lenovo Tab M10 (FHD) 32 GB

lenovo m10 tab latest picture

Price: Rs. 15,990

So why exactly a tab from Lenovo finds a place in this list, two broad reasons –trust for Lenovo in computers and the value for money it offers. A 10.1 inch tablet with 4G support and 3 GB Ram, what else do you desire in almost half the price of an iPad?

One place where it trails is the camera, not the best! But who buys tablets to click pictures anyway? It’s good enough for video calling.

The tablet is quite amazingly slim for the power it packs and the price it comes with. It won’t give the feel of a Galaxy or Apple but it isn’t too bad either.


lenovo m10 specifications

Honor Pad 5 32 GB

honor pad 5 latest picture


Price: Rs. 14,000/-

Surprise, surprise! Another unexpected entry in the list, however let’s admit it Honor has earned its place in the smartphone market. And this particular tablet is just the piece of hardware that can push the company further up in the tablet market. Honor Pad comes with a wide 10.1 inch screen and 4G support. And it’s cheaper!

Honor is known for its experimentations in design. And with the glacial blue color of Honor Pad 5, the company has taken its A game a level up (A+ maybe?). Have a look.

honor pad 5 glacial blue

And hello folks, this economical blue thing has voice calling! And why you might not want to buy it? Well, not the best thing to use under sunlight, it just reflects a lot. The display is also not very top-notch but hey it’s cheapest in the list!


ipad 7th Gen specifications

Lenovo Tab V7 64 GB

ipad 7th Gen latest picture


Price: Rs. 13,000

Well, the company calls it a tab so we will, however the 6.9 inch screen size may just fit in your pocket. This is the device you need if you are looking for a portable tablet that your friends might confuse as an overly large smartphone.

However, the Lenovo V7 is just not about its pocket-friendly design. What makes it stand out is its 64 GB memory. Yes, you heard that right –not expandable, truly internal 64 GB at this price!

And the moment you dive into its specifications, you would realize why we found this device a bit awkward to place in the Tab section. A 13MP, 5MP camera combination, dual sim support and android 9!

We leave it to, call it whatever you want. We are just place it here for its unique shape and smartphone-ish features.


lenovo v7 specifications

We have left out some tabs to accomodate something for everybody. The Yoga series and iPad mini also made a strong case but these were the clear winners for us for different reasons.