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Free online digital marketing courses in India

by ittisikhushi | Updated December 2019
free online digital marketing course in India

Now that you are here, you are one amongst the few in India who understand why it’s crucial to go digital in modern times to build a flourishing career. In a population of 1.3 billion, there are millions who are already competing in conventional fields. Digital Marketing is one skill that can propel you in a different league altogether. And does it pay? You bet! And learning digital marketing is easy and free!

There are thousands of bloggers, digital marketers, affiliate marketers who are earning a fortune. You might not have heard of them because they prefer staying low. But just take our word for it.

Intrigued much? We have listed some awesome free online digital marketing courses in India in this article that are just enough to get you to that intermediate level. We have compiled some textual, YouTube based and podcast based course for you. Take our word; you don’t need a certificate to be digital marketer. You just have to be a great digital marketer!

Google Digital Garage

google digital garage free online course

Are you just starting? Read on if you are or just skip to the next one. Google’s skill development programs are available for free. And the one with fundamentals of digital marketing comes with certification. It’s a great course to get a grasp of the digital marketing world and understand what all you need to study in great depth. How would you learn if you don’t know what to learn?

The course comprises of 26 modules that makes up 40 hours of learning through graphic, video and textual tutorials. Once you complete all the modules you would be prompted to take up an exam, pass it with flying colours and the certificate is yours!

You may also flaunt the certificate on LinkedIn or just attach it to your CV!

Find the course here.


hubspot free online digital marketing course available in india

Hubspot is just what its name suggest –a hub for online courses. There are tons of free online courses in digital marketing available on this platform and yes they are available in India. You just need to create an account to get access to their awesome services. They also provide certification for many of their courses.

What’s great about them? They are very specific. There are in-depth lessons available on nuances of digital marketing. This can be really good next step if you are a Google Garage alumnus.

Hubspot offers courses like content marketing, advanced twitter strategy, building constant traffic through SEO and many more.

Find the courses here.

Neil Patel – The Giant of digital marketing!

neil patel free online digital marketing course

This man is sitting at the epitome of personal branding in the digital marketing world. He is not just an individual. He is a company with turnover in millions. So, if there is one guy you should idolize that’s him. And how do you learn from him? Well, you may not find a certification course here but there is just no limit to the amount of knowledge you would receive. He offers great tutorials on his YouTube channel and through his website.

What makes him standout? Well, he is never out-dated. He just knows it when the digital game starts changing. His company also offers free tools like Ubersuggest which can help you in your conquest of ranking that page.

The only downside we could find out was the explanation part. He just doesn’t take a lot of pain in making you understand. But Neil is a good guy to keep you updated with everything digital.

Just search him on YouTube or log on to his website.

Ankur Aggarwal YouTube Channel

ankur aggarwal free digital marketing course online

Another guy we just love. And we will be honest. We love him more than Neil Patel. He is just so down to earth. He explains you like a true teacher. His YouTube channel is a source of bundles of information. He makes detailed tutorials and covers every tiny bit of digital marketing just like any good teacher would.

His playlist of free digital marketing course is a must watch! He covers all trending topics like affiliate marketing, creating backlinks etc.

You might want to keep an eye on his career ideas. So, learn digital marketing with Ankur and you get some good career advices for free!

Here’s a link to his channel.

Sorav Jain free online digital marketing course

The guy behind this website is Sorav Jain, obviously. Who is he? Well, he is a digital marketing guru. We had tough time adding ‘guru’ to his name. He just looks too young for it. But just don’t fall for his innocent face. He is a popular brand in the corporate world. He organizes workshops all over India and has worked with over 50 brands.

We would have explained you about his free digital marketing course but he does that way better than us on his homepage so might just click away. However, if you are still reading, here’s what his course is all about.

His free course is quite fundamental in nature. You might just start the ABCD of digital marketing with him and go on to reach the intermediate level. His course is that elaborate. And since you would have completely missed the URL in the heading, here’s it again.

Income School

Sorav Jain free online digital marketing course

We added this YouTube channel as an afterthought. It might just not pop up in your results when you click search but it’s a treasure hidden in the rubble. They make long and explanatory videos, bring absolutely refreshing and new stuff. They make their own theories and present you with facts and figures.

They just know what they are doing and they have numbers to back it. Their approach to digital marketing is very layman. They won’t bombard you with loads of technical junk.

Follow them once you are done with any fundamental course. They will surely help you take the next step in digital marketing. And we are saying this from personal experience.

Find their channel here.


Choose any course. The idea is to get an idea. After that it’s all about using lot of common sense. You need to think like a user to be a good digital marketer and that’s pretty much all there is in this field, of course apart from the technical part.