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What is the use of Cartosat 3, India’s very own super satellite?

"the next most powerful earth-imaging satellite in orbit today is an American one with a max resolution of 31 cm"

Cartosat 3 representationRepresentative Image

If you are an ISRO fan or an India fan in general, you would not be untouched by the euphoria that has been going around for Cartosat 3. The satellite was finally launched on November 27, 2019. The rocket that took it carried another 13 nano satellites to the orbit. Over the years, ISRO’s workhorse PSLV has become a sure shot bet in the space industry.

What the government would tell you is that Cartosat 3 was launched to cater to urban planning in ever-expanding cities and to study and utilise several other resources. However, what just knows is that Cartosat 3 is more than a satellite for infrastructure development.


Let’s understand this better. Cartosat 3 is a powerful earth-imaging satellite, likes of which India has never used before. It is equipped with high resolution cameras with an unbelievable parameter of 25 centimetres! That last best thing we had was 1 meter. So simply and mathematically put, it’s four times more powerful than anything in the past. The buzz around its capabilities has been so loud that several ‘Twitter Experts’ have claimed it can even zoom into a person’s wrist watch! It’s for you to believe or not but just imagine being able to zoom in on Imran Khan’s written speeches and trolling him even before he delivers them!

Jokes apart, as confirmed by ISRO chief K Sivan, this is the most technologically advanced satellite that ISRO has ever put in the orbit. Apart from its high resolution camera what makes Cartosat 3 special is its triple-axis agility. Cartosat 3 is capable of providing high resolution images of terrorist hideouts, enemy positions and foreign (Read China) aggressions.

At over 1600 Kgs, Cartosat 3 is one of the heaviest and most complex satellites ever built by the Indian space agency. Okay, so it’s a very powerful, big satellite, what else? Why is it so great? Well, it’s great because the next most powerful earth-imaging satellite in orbit today is an American one with a max resolution of 31 cm! Yes, we just beat the world in another space race. And that with indigenous technology! Even the chips inside Cartosat 3 have all been manufactured in India.

Feeling proud yet? At least, it can wash away some pain from Chandrayaan 3. For complete healing, wait for 2020 when ISRO would attempt moon-landing again.

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