Happy Janmashtami 2020: Wishes, Images, status, pic, greetings, card, for facebook, whatsapp, instagram

"May the saviour of Earth, the protector of mankind, the one and only lord Krishna save us from the evils which have enshrouded us in 2020. Happy Janmashtami"

Janmashtami wishes for 2020

On this very day, ages ago in a different yug, almighty Vishnu incarnated on Earth as Krishna. Yashoda maa was blessed with the upbringing of Kanha while Devki maa got the gift of carrying the supreme force in her womb. Janmashtami is celebrated every year as per Hindu calender with great joy. Dahi handi competitions are especially popular across India.

Here we have compiled an amazing collection of happy janmashtami 2020 wishes which are unique, beautiful and relevant.

Happy Janmashtami 2020 images

"He is yet to incarnate in Kalyuga but Krishna hasn't stopped protecting India. He resides in every soldiers who stands guard at the border. Happy Janmashtami 2020"

Krishna was full of life. His childhood was colorful and vibrant. You just can't wish your loved ones without a beautiful image. Here is a happy janmashtami 2020 image that conveys a very deep and strong message.

janmashtami 2020 images

Happy Janmashtami 2020 Status

"In these difficult times of 2020, the pandemic of corona has pervaded all across globe. In these times every doctor who is putting their life at risk to save so many is an incarnation of Krishna. Happy Janmashtami 2020"

Here is a happy janmashtami 2020 status that conveys the very beautiful message that is mentioned above. So download it and put it as your facebook status, whatsapp status or instagram status.

Janmashtami status for facebook, whatsapp, instagram

Happy Janmashtami 2020 greetings

In this new age, the times of tangible greetings are long gone. It's all about a few clicks and you can send your favourite happy janmashtami 2020 greetings online. But the catch is in selecting the best one. Here is a little help.

janmashtami greetings 2020

Happy Janmashtami 2020 card

"His powers are beyond our understanding. Krishna is omnipresent and most powerful. Not a thing changes in this world without his will. It's beyond humans to comprehend what he does, why he does. But there is always greater good in his acts"

Here is a happy janmashtami 2020 card that you can download and wish your friends for free. This digital card is fresh and newly designed.

Janmashtami 2020 card

Happy Janmashtami 2020 pic

"It was the cruel Kans in those times and in modern age it could well be humans. The sins of humans are reaching limits and Krishna is watching it all"

Check out this happy janmashtami 2020 pic which is free to download and forward. So let's put a smile on your loved one's faces.

Janmashtami 2020 pics

Happy Janmashtami 2020 Quotes

"While this world struggles to make peace with fellow humans, Krishna taught us to look for good within every soul. We are ruining his world and he knows it. We must course correct before it's too late"

Here is Janmashtami quote which is short and crisp but carries an important message. You might want to check it out.

Janmashtami quotes

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