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Itti Si Khushi

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5 point 'out of the box' solution to India’s rape crisis!

The rape crisis in India has pervaded so deeply in the society that it wouldn’t be unjustified to term it ‘rape culture’. You believe it or not there is a level of acceptability for these rapists in their immediate circle. From ‘she deserved it’, ‘did you see her clothes?’ to ‘they are meant for it’, the fuel behind these barbaric acts is so deeply ingrained in some seedy circles that you just can’t take it out of them. Rape never happens in the spur of the moment. It happens because the thought process behind it was allowed to grow and often backed by the society. And while it seems it’s impossible to put this daemon on leash, there are some out of the box ways which may just help to slay it forever! You may find some of these suggestions a little too much but when an epidemic grows out of control, unusual methods have to be adopted.


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Why Delhi would vote for Arvind Kejriwal again!

“The people have tasted the blood now. They have seen what an honest government can do. They now know what true development means and it’s certainly not in a flyover that takes thousands of crores and over ten years to complete"...

What pollution? You anti-nationals! It’s an opportunity to boost economy! 

“People are binging on Netflix all night and you are complaining about irritation in eyes! This is mere propaganda by opposition parties"

Arvind Kejriwal must resign. How dare he keep people first?

“Why hasn’t he bought a private jet yet? Where is his procession of SUVs? He must have built a property of crores somewhere, no? How dare he! And what is this nonsense about making everything free for the people? "

Here’s how your ‘notification obsession’ is killing your will to do better in life

“Have you experienced that repetitive urge too? You feel like scrolling through your notifications. You desperately hope something new would have popped up –a whatsapp ping, new friend request or just a like on your ‘nice dp’ comment on your crush’s picture"

Citizenship Amendment Bill: Secularism is why we are not Pakistan today!

"Jinnah wanted a separate Muslim state, he was given Pakistan. The rest wanted a peaceful and inclusive land, they became ‘India’. Constitutions were set. Pakistan became an Islamic Republic while Indians wrote the most beautiful preamble ever ‘we the people..’"

Why Indigo is buying planes and Air India is on sale at almost the same revenue?

“Air India’s revenue for 2017-18 stood at Rs. 23,900 crores, almost the same as Indigo (23, 968 crores) and six times that of GoAir and yet it’s the government owned airlines which needs selling"

Chandrayaan 3: India all set to attempt landing on moon again

“Committees have been formed and senior scientists have been taken on board with a primary task of identifying the causes of failure and making required changes in the design of the lander"

Shiv Sena is no BJP, everything it touches doesn’t turn to gold

“You have murdered somebody? Raped a woman and caused a couple of suicide? Nothing matters. BJP is the only truth. It’s the only power, one and true leader of the country " ...

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Thank You Yogi: An open letter from an 'Ayodhyawasi'

This letter could very well be a PR stunt sponsored by BJP, but just that it’s not. I am not the most ‘right-winged’ person, something that often puts me at loggerheads with my parents who are staunch supporters of Bhartiya Janta Party. I would like to admit here that my first vote as an adult didn’t go to BJP and that was 2014, quite recent.

When Yogi Adityanath came to power few years back, I was highly critical about the haste in which he took decisions. I personally detested the implementation of anti-romeo squad. The lack of training in the police meant that it became a tool of harassment. Anyway, so that’s me, not a BJP loyalist by any measure and yet today I am moved enough to say ‘Thank you Yogi’. You brought back the glory of Ayodhya, of the scale that none from my generation or the generation before had ever seen. With Deepostav you have associated Ayodhya with Diwali again, something that had been long forgotten.......


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Parineeti Chopra’s black sari look is turning fans into Ishaqzaadez

Parineeti Chopra was all over social media just a week ago. And she is ruling the trend charts again. Last week it was her body-cleaving gym gear that had sent fans into frenzy. And it appears she hadn’t been going to the gym just to get clicked by paparazzi. The results are showing. Her hard yards in the gym have transformed her completely. She recently posted a Diwali special picture in a glittering black saree and fans believe nobody has ever donned a sexy black saree more elegantly before. She is turning her fans into Ishaqzaadez and making new ones at the speed of her weight-loss –super quick. .....


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Ishant Sharma, the workhorse has grown into a warhorse!

It took a long time coming. When the lanky fast bowler made his debut way back in 2007, a lot was expected of him. At 6’4” he was an unusual sight in Indian cricket, a tall fast bowler who could probably go on to bounce batsman out. The fans, the experts drooled with just the thought of it. That’s how people expected Ishant Sharma to prosper. But overtime he grew into something else, something he wasn’t brought in for, a workhorse who could bowl long tidy spells. And like an obedient student he did that, years after years. But not before giving his all into becoming what experts wanted him to become. ....


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What is the use of Cartosat 3, India’s very own super satellite?

If you are an ISRO fan or an India fan in general, you would not be untouched by the euphoria that has been going around for Cartosat 3. The satellite was finally launched on November 27, 2019. The rocket that took it carried another 13 nano satellites to the orbit. Over the years, ISRO’s workhorse PSLV has become a sure shot bet in the space industry.

What the government would tell you is that Cartosat 3 was launched to cater to urban planning in ever-expanding cities and to study and utilise several other resources. However, what just knows is that Cartosat 3 is more than a satellite for infrastructure development....


How to effectively use motivation in life?

Saw that amazing video of your favourite motivational speaker? Just read a quote which has you thrilled to the core of your heart? Or did you just complete a whole book on how to be successful in life?

If you have done either of the above and chances are you have until you are a caveman, who is reading his first words, you would be familiar with the ‘do or die’ spirit that absolutely pumps you up. You feel like you can conquer the world and this is your moment. You envisage great purpose in your life...


How to make your over-possessive lover chill down a bit

“Wear that, not that.. oh that’s too short, you are not going to talk to them again, you are not going out in a party without me,” It starts there and often grows into, “the only friend you will ever make is me” or “you were free, how could you do something else other than talking to me,”...


Is your privacy at risk? What is Pegasus, the spyware that attacked Indians via Whatsapp?

The answer is a yes and a no. If you are somebody popular, someone who takes on a lot of powerful people then yes, your privacy could be at risk. You can be spied upon and not just through Whatsapp but via email or any message service. They just need a route to enter your phone. But isn’t your privacy absolutely unbreakable? Well, the answer is no. If there is somebody out there interested enough in you and with truckloads of money in their banks....


Bajaj Chetak: Your childhood ride is back!

If you remember the 90s and very much the early 2000s, you would recall that old scooter that was almost a part of the family. It had an infinite seating capacity. Well, somehow the entire family adjusted on it. And if you have been eating your almonds, you very much might recall standing on the footrest, holding the handle and assuming you are the pilot. But as they say every good thing comes to an end.....


3 super Juices to save you from air pollution in Delhi this winter

Yeah, yeah it’s that time of the year again when you just can’t step out from your house without a mask. The stubble is burning in Haryana and Punjab, the Diwali fireworks have left behind their evil residue and the cars just won’t stop pouring in on Delhi roads....