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100 days report card –PM Modi is making all the right noises in his second term

In his previous term, Narendra Modi was always at the crosshair of his critics. There was a large opinion amongst many that Modi was making hurried decisions. Critics claimed he was more motivated about building his legacy than anything else and his hastened decisions like demonetisation and GST were poorly planned. Some thought he was ruining institutions and witch hunting opponents. And let’s be honest Narendra Modi had little to boast about in his rallies last election season. His speeches were mostly centred on Pakistan. The most used weapon in his armoury was ‘how bad congress is’...


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Sustainable fashion is the new ‘in-thing’, here’s why you must go for it

"Who won’t love to have an evergreen wardrobe laden with variety of dresses which are never out of vogue and won’t just rot sitting in there? "...

I am not an economist but here’s why my small business isn’t thriving 

"I believed in India’s call for entrepreneurship. It’s now India’s job to fix everything that’s wrong in the system. And what I will do? Well, I will keep trying"

Are your friends really your friends? Here are 3 signs to find out

"if they turn that plan down and it keeps getting cancelled, it simply means they are not into you"..

Ravi Shastri is restored as coach and twitteratis just can’t digest his hefty salary hike

"People were expecting a change after the heartbreak. Perhaps Rohit instead of Kohli as captain, it didn’t happen. Sack Ravi Shastri? -didn’t happen either"

World football in shock as India holds Asian champions Qatar to a draw

"whenever the formidable Qatari attackers managed to slip past the defence, there was a man mountain waiting for them in Gurpreet Singh Sandhu"

The hills are not all in the North, welcome to Coorg

"Coorg is one place down south which might just give the Manalis and Kasols a run for their money "

Legendry businessman Jack Ma is retiring at 55 to take up social service and the world is in awe

“his tech giant Alibaba is Asia’s richest company with net worth nearing 500 billion dollars. Jack Ma’s life has been one inspiring success story”

What to do when staying loyal becomes hard?

"You want to explore new possibilities. But it would take overlooking the loyalty rules you both have collectively set for each other"...

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It has always been the US dream or the UK dream for Indian students. Going abroad to study is considered an achievement and why not if one cracks into the very prestigious Howard or Oxford? Indian students going abroad for higher education is a familiar trend but what about foreigners coming to India for their degrees? Sounds great? Fills you with a sense of pride? Well, that’s exactly what you may get to see if government’s plans fructify......


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Hubby first, Bengal MP Nusrat Jahan skips oath to marry in Turkey

Bengali actress Nusrat Jahan was elected MP in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections on a TMC ticket, defeating the BJP candidate by a whopping 3.5 lakh votes. But the elections are over and there are more pressing matters to attend, like a wedding in Turkey. The oath ceremony collided with her wedding and she had a decision to make. Well, she made one.....


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If there is one bowling attack this world cup that gives opponents sleepless nights, it’s India’s

When world’s number one fast bowler, Jasprit Bumrah hops on till the crease and with a machine like sway of hands sends down absolute rippers angling into the body, batsmen are left with no choice but to block. The rule one to score against Bumrah is that you don’t try to score against Bumrah. Just wait for him to err in his line. And that effectively means, keep waiting. He has earned fans across the globe, with young kids imitating his action and posting videos online....


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India had deployed nuclear submarine Chakra post Balakot to search for a Pakistani submarine in hiding

Indian Navy was in a state of high-alertness after the Pulwama terrorist attack. About 60 warships including the powerful aircraft carrier battle group was positioned close to Pakistani waters as India weighed its options of revenge. It was after India took Pakistan aback with a sharp aerial strike that a Pakistani submarine disappeared from navy’s radar. From where it was last located, it could have sailed to Gujarat in less than three days....


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Good News | Lifestyle | Sports | Blogs | Self Improvement | Humour

3 golden rules to help you smooth into a likely breakup

Dates become forced, caring becomes responsibility, conversations turn mundane and future starts appearing difficult. Breakups don’t happen with a snap of fingers. One short fight or one jolt to expectations doesn’t kill a relationship. It happens over time. And no matter how much you try to deny the fact that your relationship is on a downward curve, somewhere your heart knows. And then comes a phase when everything becomes obvious and often ugly and the end is just a matter of time. So if you are hovering anywhere in between, here are a few things that might just help you in coping with that impending breakup.....


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