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Open letter to liberals: Liberalism is in neutrality, not in blindly favouring one community

India is vast country on all accounts. And despite a long history of unity in diversity, sometimes it’s difficult to induce the message of peace and brotherhood in every citizen’s heart. In fact, it’s unjust to expect a human being to stay unaffected with what’s happening around him. Maintaining neutrality at all cost and promoting peace is not everybody’s cup of tea. At least not in a country like India, that practically runs on emotions....


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Sustainable fashion is the new ‘in-thing’, here’s why you must go for it

"Who won’t love to have an evergreen wardrobe laden with variety of dresses which are never out of vogue and won’t just rot sitting in there? "...

Syria thanks India for taking stand against Turkey 

"India has taken the fight to Turkey. It is considering reducing business with Turkey and has openly criticized Turkey’s adventures in Syria. And in doing so it appears it has won a friend in Syria"

The Future: What if a Ram Temple/Babri Mosque is built in Ayodhya?

“Picturing the future is the most straightforward thing one can do. The true justice in this case is obscured with great intricacies”

Abhijit Banerjee Nobel : Another Indian talent the west acknowledged before we did

"Remember NYAY, the minimum income guarantee scheme that congress proposed in its manifesto? Abhijit Banerjee was one of the economists who were consulted on this front"

World football in shock as India holds Asian champions Qatar to a draw

"whenever the formidable Qatari attackers managed to slip past the defence, there was a man mountain waiting for them in Gurpreet Singh Sandhu"

The hills are not all in the North, welcome to Coorg

"Coorg is one place down south which might just give the Manalis and Kasols a run for their money "

Rafale Shastra Puja : If Santa Claus isn't absurd how are our traditions?

"Why would any tourist visit India if it becomes a copy of the west? Rajnath Singh's act was not a ‘tamasha’. It was an instance of one proud Indian wearing his traditions on his sleeve"

Aarey: If Chipko happens today, it would be termed anti-national

"There have been countless debates on whether it’s justified to cut trees in Aarey so let’s not start one here. It’s for the Supreme Court to decide if a couple of thousand trees are of any value"...

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It has always been the US dream or the UK dream for Indian students. Going abroad to study is considered an achievement and why not if one cracks into the very prestigious Howard or Oxford? Indian students going abroad for higher education is a familiar trend but what about foreigners coming to India for their degrees? Sounds great? Fills you with a sense of pride? Well, that’s exactly what you may get to see if government’s plans fructify......


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Craving a burger? Here are some of the best burger joints in Delhi you might not have heard of

Burgers are one of the most easily and quickly prepared dishes. It’s just too simple to make one. Add some sauces to a bun and a tikki or some ham and you are done. But it appears there are a few outlets out there which are doing it better than most. These outlets can just make you feel you had been eating a lot less tasty product for the same pricing. So don’t feel cheated any more. Here’s a short list to tickle your burger buds......


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Suresh Raina feels he is what India needs at number 4 and here’s why he might be right

“I can be the No. 4 for India. I have batted in that slot before and delivered” Suresh Raina told The Hindu in a recent interview. Now one may think it isn’t a wise thing to project oneself so boldly in Indian cricket. You never know what the selectors might find offending (Remember Rayudu saga). But it seems the frustration of being ignored is speaking for Raina....


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India had deployed nuclear submarine Chakra post Balakot to search for a Pakistani submarine in hiding

Indian Navy was in a state of high-alertness after the Pulwama terrorist attack. About 60 warships including the powerful aircraft carrier battle group was positioned close to Pakistani waters as India weighed its options of revenge. It was after India took Pakistan aback with a sharp aerial strike that a Pakistani submarine disappeared from navy’s radar. From where it was last located, it could have sailed to Gujarat in less than three days....


How to effectively use motivation in life?

Saw that amazing video of your favourite motivational speaker? Just read a quote which has you thrilled to the core of your heart? Or did you just complete a whole book on how to be successful in life?

If you have done either of the above and chances are you have until you are a caveman, who is reading his first words, you would be familiar with the ‘do or die’ spirit that absolutely pumps you up. You feel like you can conquer the world and this is your moment. You envisage great purpose in your life...


How to make your over-possessive lover chill down a bit

“Wear that, not that.. oh that’s too short, you are not going to talk to them again, you are not going out in a party without me,” It starts there and often grows into, “the only friend you will ever make is me” or “you were free, how could you do something else other than talking to me,”...


BSNL 4G : People rejoice as BSNL says we aren’t done yet!

In July, the government reported a loss of 14000 crore for BSNL. The doomsayers were out with swords. Obituaries were written several times over. In fact the salaries of about 1.6 lakh BSNL employees haven’t been paid so far and it’s already mid-October. It appeared that the state run telecom company was simply incapable of competing with the private players....


Bajaj Chetak: Your childhood ride is back!

If you remember the 90s and very much the early 2000s, you would recall that old scooter that was almost a part of the family. It had an infinite seating capacity. Well, somehow the entire family adjusted on it. And if you have been eating your almonds, you very much might recall standing on the footrest, holding the handle and assuming you are the pilot. But as they say every good thing comes to an end.....


Yoga has the potential to elevate your mental and physical state, here’s how you can start

Yoga has its own international day in these times. It’s the most in vogue thing worldwide and is increasingly being backed by science. But what the western world has adopted now is being practiced in India from thousands of years. The oldest mention of the word ‘yoga’ comes from the Rig Veda. Several stone carvings depicting various postures of yoga have been discovered from Indus valley dating back to 3000 BC......