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We might have won the match, but we totally lost the humour cup to Pakistan

"The Indian team gave them opportunities after opportunities, but Sarfaraz refused them all with a polite yawn"


We know it is 7-0 and the latest one was just too easy. Indian team is way more professional, talented and needless to say fitter than Pakistan. But what if we weren’t? What if we were knocked out in early stages of the world cup? The outrage that would have erupted back home would have pushed the players into an extended vacation abroad. But the Pakistanis it appears are sportier than us Indians, said totally in non-cricketing terms of course. They took the defeat with open arms and came up with the most amazing humour, often mocking their own team.

Imran Khan is Pakistan’s Prime Minister, but he was also once the cricket team’s captain. And it appears he tends to get confused in the two. Here’s what he asked the Pakistani team to do.

Told you, ‘Sarfaraz dhokha dega’. Well, the Pakistani team had other plans and if they choose to stay back after the world cup to take a long tour on loop of Madam Tussaud’s museum, we totally understand. Why Sarfaraz why?

So, Pakistan decided to let India bat first. And their premier bowler responded with plenty, literally.

Oh, and did we mention this performance was on the back of an awesome display of dancing at the Wagah border.

Indians are big hearted and Virat proved it by walking off without even nicking a delivery. But Sharma ji ka ladka was just too adamant.

Well, we gave them all the chances we could but what can we do if the Pakistanis start giving wickets to Vijay Shankar?

The Indian team gave them opportunities after opportunities, but Sarfaraz refused them all with a polite yawn. What can the Pakistani awaam do about it? Other than this of course..

The exchange of humour between the two neighbours was extra ordinary. The game was played with great spirit, on and off the field. At times, we need to remind ourselves that there aren’t many bad people living at the other side of the border. Just count the ones who are really bad and drop bombs on them.