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5 point 'out of the box' solution to India’s rape crisis!

“All these measures are a bit out of the line. But that is exactly what you need when some epidemic grows out of control. It’s time we realize the need for emergency measures"

solution of rape crisis

Shivam Singh

The rape crisis in India has pervaded so deeply in the society that it wouldn’t be unjustified to term it ‘rape culture’. You believe it or not there is a level of acceptability for these rapists in their immediate circle. From ‘she deserved it’, ‘did you see her clothes?’ to ‘they are meant for it’, the fuel behind these barbaric acts is so deeply ingrained in some seedy circles that you just can’t take it out of them. Rape never happens in the spur of the moment. It happens because the thought process behind it was allowed to grow and was often backed by the society. And while it seems it’s impossible to put this daemon on leash, there are some out of the box ways which may just help to slay it forever! You may find some of these suggestions a little too much but when an epidemic grows out of control, unusual methods have to be adopted.

Kill it where it starts

Our education system has failed us big time. We are just not producing enough well-educated and civilised human beings from this rickety system. And while you may look at the cream and debate this point, a deeper and broader look would perfectly emphasize the fact. Walk into any government school in the country and eavesdrop on any group conversation. Chances are high that you would be rendered shocked by the kind of language and mentality most of these boys employ. Now just imagine if students exposed to organized education are harbouring such sick mentality what would be hovering in heads of those who haven’t ever seen school? While education is no guarantee of moral behaviour, it plays an important role in shaping one’s mentality.

It would take years to transform the education system but what if we introduce a mandatory course in life skills and ethical behaviour? There are several countries in the world which have mandatory military service laws for its citizens. National security is important but we are not failing at that front. We are failing in producing civilized human beings. A mandatory course which trains people to be constructive part of the society can do wonders. Not just the course but exposure to a community that thinks differently can change a lot of people. The government may deny state-sponsored facilities to people who do not complete the course.



Reward good 

The Delhi government rewards a sum of 2000 rupees to good Samaritans who take accident victims to nearest hospitals. Not only that, they are neither subjected to any questioning nor they have to pay. Now that’s the idea that has to be replicated across the country. Why not reward people for good conduct? Why not reward people for protesting eve-teasing and molestation? It may lead to a contest to be good, how wonderful would that be? And by rewarding people you are conveying to the society that it’s good to be good. Life in India can often make the most positive people pessimistic. This is one way in which we can reignite the ray of kindness and hope in the people. One may argue you don’t need rewards to be good. But the fact is it may just provide the trigger for people to act. And once the culture gets going it would spread like wildfire. We are still descendent of monkeys. We copy!

No further appeals

Our judicial process is slow. But even when a court reaches conclusion and delivers verdict in favour of the victim, the endless rounds of appeal and mercy applications put a long break on justice. You want to give every citizen a fair trial. Go ahead with it. But those monsters who commit heinous crimes deserve no more than one trial. Get done with it and punish them. The option of appealing in a higher court or applying for mercy should not be allowed to such criminals. Yes you gave Kasab a long and fair trial. That was nothing but mockery of our system. And these animals are no less than terrorists. Their acts keep half of the population terrorized. Women can’t walk out freely. Parents worry the moment the clocks strikes 9. One trial, that’s it. And if you are not sure if the judge is competent enough, make separate courts with efficient judges who deal with these monsters once and for all. The moment you diminish the ray of hope for rapist, the sun would start shining at the women of India.

Confidential doorstep delivery of justice 

If you feel shocked by the amount of news reports that come your way about the crimes committed against women, how would you feel if every rape in the country actually gets reported? That’s the sad truth of modern India. Most victims either don’t approach police out of fear of embarrassment or are muted by the police itself. And this is what motivates these sick creatures the most. And let’s not blame this on the victims. Police Stations in India are not the most welcoming and professional places. But what if we create a separate division? Empower the women commission or create a totally new institution. Give the women a number to call upon. Employ professional people. Send somebody to their homes in plain clothing. Get the complaint registered at home. Provide counselling. Walk them to justice. And keep the entire process confidential! This would encourage women to report crimes committed against them. There is a women helpline in place already. Just make it more efficient. Create a system where the victim doesn’t need to go to the police station at all.

A GPS enabled distress application

Imagine a woman returning to her home a bit late. The road is deserted. She notices somebody is stalking her. She takes her phone out and presses the home button five times. A distress signal is sent to all good Samaritans in the area. The location is shared. They rush to the spot. What are the chances they would arrive before the police? I say a 100%. Want to make it quicker? Connect the app to a wearable gadget that works on voice command. Yes it may lead to some false alarms. But just imagine the number of lives it would be able to save!

All these measures are a bit out of the line. But that is exactly what you need when some epidemic grows out of control. It’s time we realize the need for emergency measures. There are more women dying in this country due to barbaric attacks like these than in terrorist attacks. It has to be done now!

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