Predicting the future: What after Ram Mandir/ Babri Mosque is built in Ayodhya?

“Picturing the future is the most straightforward thing one can do. The true justice in this case is obscured with great intricacies. Perhaps there is no one justice. The Supreme Court will have to be really creative with their judgement to appear unbiased. ”

Rafale Shastra Puja : If Santa Claus isn't absurd how are our traditions?

"Why would any tourist visit India if it becomes a copy of the west? Rajnath Singh's act was not a ‘tamasha’. It was an instance of one proud Indian wearing his traditions on his sleeve"

Aarey : If Chipko movement happens today, it would be termed anti-national

"You believe in development, some others are more concerned about the environment. That doesn’t make them love the land any less. Not every protest is sparked by the opposition"

Abhijit Banerjee Nobel : Another Indian talent the west acknowledged before we did

"Remember NYAY, the minimum income guarantee scheme that congress proposed in its manifesto? Abhijit Banerjee was one of the economists who were consulted on this front"

I am not an economist but here’s why my small business isn’t thriving

"I believed in India’s call for entrepreneurship. It’s now India’s job to fix everything that’s wrong in the system. And what I will do? Well, I will keep trying"

No Zaira Wasim, quitting Bollywood won’t bring you any closer to Allah

" illusion that makes her see what any person in a conflict with his conscience would love to see –someone or something else to put the blame on for all that’s wrong"

Open letter to liberals: Liberalism is in neutrality, not in blindly opposing anything Hindu

"Dear fake liberals, you need to open your eyes or perhaps they are already open to hard cash.. Staying neutral needs spine and if you don’t have it, better stop hiding behind the veil of liberalism. Call yourself what you truly are, anti-Hindus"

100 days report card –PM Modi is making all the right noises in his second term

"despite the thumping win a significant change in Modi’s demeanour is palpable. He is still very decisive but also this time he is leaving little fodder for his opponents"