3 super Juices to save you from air pollution in Delhi this winter

“These juices help keep respiratory organs healthy, clear windpipes and nostrils and prevent acne. Brace yourself for Delhi smog this winter!"

Yeah, yeah it’s that time of the year again when you just can’t step out from your house without a mask. The stubble is burning in Haryana and Punjab, the Diwali fireworks have left behind their evil residue and the cars just won’t stop pouring in on Delhi roads. You have little control over all this. In fact even the CM appears helpless! So while we wait for somebody to knock sense in heads of people who are polluting the environment, here is a list of 3 super juices that can help you survive the black smog this winter in Delhi.

Tulsi Juice 

Yes, Tulsi! And you can make juice out of it –not much, just a quick shot of Basil is sufficient. 20 ml of tulsi juice can do wonders to your respiratory organs. Tulsi helps clear the windpipes and battle sore throat, a common ailment in these toxic days. Tulsi also has strong anti-inflammatory properties, in layman terms god sent tulsi to us because probably he knew we would screw up the air by 2020.

Cucumber Apple Mint Cooler

Okay, this is ideally a summer drink but the benefits are so great that we just couldn’t resist putting it in this list. This juice detoxicates your body, better than anything else. It’s rich in water so it keeps you hydrated in cold winter when you avoid that cold, uninviting transparent liquid. This drink boosts your immune system with dual action of apple and cucumber. Cucumber helps clear the skin and stop acne. You definitely want to keep that skin healthy with the amount of pollutant you are inhaling every day!

Carrot beetroot amla

Carrot is one thing you should chew on like a bunny in winters and especially polluted winters of Delhi. The carrot in this amazing mix provides multiple vitamins and helps keep those two airbags inside your healthy. Feel that blockage in your nose caused by the thick air you are forced to breathe in? Well, this is the traffic cop you need to decongest that clogged nose! (Drink it, don’t shove it inside your nostril!). Just like tulsi, beetroot has anti-inflammatory properties. It battles out with the pollutants to keep your irritation free.

Juices are ideal for today’s lifestyle. They are healthy, quick to consume and the right mix can help you tackle scores of problems. Time to get those juicers messy!

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