Friendship Day Quotes in English with HD images 2020

“This world would have been such a lonely place without you my best buddy. Any happiness, any success is so meaningless without the joy of sharing it with you. You understand me. You complete me. Happy Friendship Day”

friendship day 2020 wishes

The festival designated to celebrate friendship is finally arriving. It’s August and International Friendship Day is here. And though we know it’s 2020 and things aren’t really very supportive to build a party mood but gifting a little smile doesn’t hurt. Does it? And you just have to agree, there is no other way of making your buddies smile from a distance than sending them some beautifully written friendship day quotes and HD images.

Here we have an entire collection of Quotes and pictures with deep thoughts. So just pick yours. And if you are looking for some creative, funny friendship day wishes, you got to check out this awesome page we have created for you - Happy Friendship Day Funny Wishes

Friendship Day Quotes 2020

“Recall that day, that place, that moment and that wonderful coincidence that made us meet for the first time. Imagine if it didn’t happen? Scary right? Thank you destiny for putting in such an awesome friend in my life. Happy Friendship Day Buddy”

happy friendship day quotes

“Sometimes I wonder, life would have been so different without you. The time I have spent with you my dear friend is all the good time that I can remember. You have made my life awesome. Happy International Friendship Day Buddy”

“Sometimes when I am in a good mood, I just hum that song “Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge..”. And it’s just your face that I ever managed to put in that picture. No one can replace you. Happy Friendship Day Dost”

“I swear on those passing marks I managed in exams with your help, you are just so important to me. There is nothing we can’t do together.. not even mathematics! Happy Friendship Day”

“Remember all those people who came in our life? Do you see them around? Nope, it’s always just me and you at the end of the day and that’s why I always say, you are permanent.. you are family. Happy Friendship Day Bestie”

“If you ever think of leaving me behind, just remember I have all your secrets and I trust me I am very bad at ethics. Always be my best friend”

“You are the top notch cocktail of my life. No matter how good the mocktails are, you will forever be original and valuable. Happy Dosti Day”

“If I have to face a storm that can probably kill me, I would choose you without a doubt to have my back. That’s how much I trust you. And yeah, why should I die alone?”

“Once all this corona thing is over, I just want to catch up with you and do all those crazy things that we used to do. I am craving for the fun we used to have. Bring those days back buddy. Happy Friendship Day”

“You know I could have easily missed wishing you this friendship day and it wouldn’t really have mattered because there are just no formalities between us. We are best friends and we know it. We don’t need to prove it every day. Happy Friendship Day Anyway”

“Whether it’s trekking in the mountains, diving in the oceans, relaxing at the beaches or a spacewalk, I want you by my side. There wouldn’t be any fun without you. You better not die before I complete my wish list. Happy Friendship Day”

“I can speak my heart out all day to somebody and I know they won’t understand. And you just manage to read my heart just by looking at my face. No one understands me better bestie. There is no one like you in my life. Happy Friendship Day”

Friendship Day HD images 2020

looking for sone quality friendship day hd images? Well, you are just at the right place. We have woven together some beautiful quotes on friendship and HD images to create some awesome friendship day wishes. Check these out.

“Without you, I would have failed in life big time. Thanks for being there”

Happy friendship day HD images

Friendship Day images

What is a friendship day wish without some creatively designed pictures? Here we have got you some majestic friendship day images that are surely going to win hearts.

“I just can't thank the heavens enough for putting you in my life”

friendship day images 2020

Friendship Day Thoughts

“While some new friends would always walk into our lives but there's one thing I know for certain, it's only you who is permanent"

In this modern age, you just can't be without putting up a status on facebook, instagram and whatsapp. And to top it all, it's friendship day. You just can't miss this 'dosti ka tyohar'. Here is an awesome happy friendship day status

Happy friendship day 2020 thoughts for whatsapp, facebook, instagram

Happy Friendship Day

Festivals have lined up this month. And it appears the times of joy have finally returned. Happiness is once again knocking on our doors and the first big surprise waiting for us is the festival of friendship. So let's wish everyone around us a Happy Friendship Day and tell them how much they matter to us.

"Just like Jai and Veeru, we are inseprabale. Iam forever yours and you better keep me atop your friend list"

happy friendship day

Happy Friendship Day pic 2020

It isn't the old textual black and white world anymore. Things are boring without pictures. And since it's the international festival of friendship, we have brought for you an amazing happy friendship day pic that you can download and forward in 2020

"We just can't live without each other. Can we?"

friendship day pic 2020

Friendship Day Quotes For Husband

“A husband who bears your mood swings, listens to you and turns into a kid for you is no short of best friend”

friendship day quotes for husband

Friendship Day Quotes For Wife

“A wife who supports you, understands you and takes care of you is the best friend one can have”

friendship day quotes for wife

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