These Powerful Quotes On Life Will Make You Value Life Like Never Before!

powerful quotes on life

Life appears to be so simple and yet it is so difficult to comprehend. How does one take life? Should life be devoted toward a goal or spent searching for inner happiness? The mysteries are many and one can only decipher just a little bit of all that in his life span. However, here is our little help -some powerful quotes on life in english along with images for you to understand life a bit more.

“If you ever fall for the rumour that says life is long, just do your math – Minutes make up hours, hours make up life”

quotes on life in english

Quotes on Life in English

“That fairy tale day, when you finally sit back and relax.. never arrives!”

quotes on life in english

“Life is never about that one big day, it’s about a whole bunch of moments put together”

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“The most disappointing thing about life is, it never tells us when we are living our best moments. The realization strikes much later”

inspirational quotes on life

“How you want to live and how ‘comfortably’ you want to live.. are north and south”

quotes on life motivational

“Life isn’t a movie with a fixed and sensible ending. It’s like an endless TV series. Better get done with the best episodes before that big final power cut takes it all away”

quotes on life powerful

“Life comes with a reset button. However, most of us never press it”

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“The mess inside you has created the mess around you and not vice versa”

quotes on life in english

“An in-house gym, a ton of books, a personal orchestra, a beautiful terrace garden.. and anything uplifting you can imagine would never lift your standard of living if you wake up at 10, skip meals, scroll through feeds and do nothing. All you need to make a 100X improvement in the quality of your life are good habits”

quotes on life fresh

“Try living your life in the moment and not inside your head”

quotes on life

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