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Okay, probably you knew it all along. The hills are not exclusive to North. But let’s admit the most beautiful of the lot are up there in Himachal and Uttarakhand. But Coorg is one place down south which might just give the Manalis and Kasols a run for their money. Wondering where it is and what all is on offer? We have got you covered and with exclusive pictures!

How to get there?

Coorg is about 270 KMs off IT city Bangalore. The best way to get there is a road trip. It would take just about half a day to get there. Start early, reach early and get your rest. And when you are done brace up for the vistas that are waiting for you in Madikeri, a small town in Coorg.

The town of waterfalls

Madikeri is home to seven waterfalls, Irrupu, Abbey and Kote to name a few. The soothing sound of water falling into the stream is one thing that would fresh you up instantly. And when you are done drenching yourself in the cold water of these falls, you need to go no far for your next adventure. Just 20 KMs from the town centre is the beautiful Mandalpatti.

Hills mean trek

We suggest you take your vehicle half the route. A straight trek is way too demanding and can just render you weary. You need a lot of energy when you are doing Coorg. There is just so much to see and in variety. You would need to give up your vehicle after about mid-way and take one of the jeeps on offer. These jeeps will carry you up further. Trust your legs? Just do the trek. Uneven roads, natural beauty all along and great spots to click, why wouldn’t you opt to chuck the jeep?

Say Taj

The Taj resort atop the hill is quite expensive but when you consider the view it offers along with that lovely meal you may just want to loosen up your wallet. Crave for a little more splendour? Head to Raja Seat at the right time of the day and you may get the chance to treat yourself with a very scenic sunset.

A little tinge of history

The fort of Madikeri is one lovely surprise for the lovers of architecture. It sports unusually broad walls and intricate carvings. Simply put, the Mughals didn’t build all the splendid forts. But that’s not the only history on offer at Coorg, there is a fairly recent one and a bit more classier. About 45 KMs from Madikeri stands the Vintage Car Museum. Here you can find about 50 cars that are impossible to find on the roads now, from ford to bullet. This place has everything. And when you are done with the wheels, head for the trunk.. ehh.. trunk of the elephants.

Big and friendly elephants

The Dubare Elephant Camp is located about 30 KMs from Madikeri. The elephants here are really friendly and wouldn’t mind giving you a little elephant style bath or a ride, all that of course at some nominal costs. The elephants do need to eat right? But elephants are not all that are splendid and huge in Coorg. The golden temple in Coorg is made up of gold and is beautiful. It’s a Buddhist monastery, so the peace you would find here is given. Try meditating at its huge prayer hall.

What next? Return home already. You wouldn’t be left with even an ounce of energy after a week of adventure in Coorg. But if the hills don’t let you go, get yourself a resort and rest in the lap of nature, something you won’t find back at Bangalore.

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