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How to use motivation in life and always stay motivated?

how to use motivation effectively in life

Saw that amazing video of your favourite motivational speaker? Just read a quote which has you thrilled to the core of your heart? Or did you just complete a whole book on how to be successful in life?

If you have done either of the above and chances are you have until you are a caveman, who is reading his first words, you would be familiar with the ‘do or die’ spirit that absolutely pumps you up. You feel like you can conquer the world and this is your moment. You envisage great purpose in your life. You realize that you are not meant to be ordinary. The flow of energy in your body feels unreal. Every thought is super positive. And what happens next? Life happens!

Within moments of the supercharged state you slip into the ordinary. There is office work that you carried home or a long due nap to catch. Or maybe there are friends to hang out with. What about that awesome series that you recently discovered on Netflix?

All those efforts that had gone in to train your mind to carve a better path for you go down the drain. You go on to spend many days in the moribund routine that is taking you nowhere. And a few days later you again bump into a motivational video. What next? The cycle repeats. You keep flitting between the mindset of ordinary and extra-ordinary.

All those motivational contents are very useful for you. And to be honest, the content really doesn’t matter. Because your mind after all these years of experience knows what’s the right step forward. It just needs a spark to get functioning again. Here’s how you can build on that spark.

Keep Thinking

Your brain is trained to multitask right from childhood. Whenever you are experiencing something motivational, keep the bulb in your head glowing. You have to picture your goals very specifically while the motivation flows in. Any kind of motivation is waste if you do not know the direction in which it has to be applied.

 Build While It Lasts

Done with that book? Your next step should be to plan. Analyse your routine and shove in the time for working on your craft. ‘Action’ is the word here. That motivation you just got is enough to keep you charged for a few hours. You have to use these hours to build a routine. Once you adjust to a routine, no matter how harsh, it becomes easier. You get it? Hard work becomes easier with motivation.

Kill The Secondary Thoughts

Your head is all geared up. It’s very positive and any kind of distraction, procrastination can easily be killed in this moment. Picture it like this. Most times our mind is battling a two way battle. At one corner of the ring is hard work and on the other a tag team of multiple distractions. In ordinary times the fight is heavily bent in the favour of the tag team. But what happens when you pump in that motivation in the biceps of hard work that is fighting alone for you? The odds change! Distractions cower with fear

Use It Like Paracetamol

You have built a routine for yourself. You are working toward your goal at the speed of a bullet train. But slowly the easiness of doing it starts diminishing. This is the time to inject that paracetamol tablet in your body, the motivation! Grab another book or watch a powerful movie. Get charged up again. And back to work. This cycle is way better than the one you have yourself trapped in.

Just remember one thing. No book, no video, no quote ever changes your life. What you do afterwards is what makes the real difference!

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