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notification disease

It’s an epidemic! It has pervaded to all corners of the world. And the worst part is that nobody is aware of it. It’s growing inside your head, affecting your lives in unimaginable ways and you just don’t realize.

Have you experienced that repetitive urge too? You feel like scrolling through your notifications. You desperately hope something new would have popped up –a whatsapp ping, new friend request or just a like on your ‘nice dp’ comment on your crush’s picture. You waste 5-10 minutes looking for that new notification. If you find something, you squander a few extra. A few minutes later you feel the urge again. The process repeats several times a day. In fact, if you keep a track of how many times you scan your phone for notifications, you would be left shocked! In an hour, you check your phone twice or thrice at an average, fifteen minutes an hour that is. Subtracting the time you spend sleeping, you easily spend 15X16 minutes on your phone, hunting for notifications. If you haven’t already done the math, it’s a whopping 240 minutes or 4 hours! That’s 4 hours of your active time. It's not just an obsession. It's rather notification disease.


And that’s just not active hours that you are wasting. You are wasting something else too –the urge for something new. Human mind is built in a way that it loves to explore. It keeps looking for new things. And this has been happening since ages. This urge for something new and exciting is what drives us to do wonderful things in life. But what are you wasting it on? Are you guilty of appeasing this urge with your notification obsession? If yes, then needless to say it’s time to change.

Preserve the urge. Let it grow. Make your mind wait for valuable results than mere notifications. This would persuade you into doing something productive. The hunger for ‘new and exciting’ would propel you into a spree of achieving. Your obsession would shift from notifications to actions that matter. Do it while it’s easier. The more you grow used to this notification obsession the more difficult it would become to set yourself free.

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