Gopal Kanda: Blame BJP but also blame the people

"one can’t just blame the BJP for this political filth. Let’s also blame the insensitivity and insanity which prompted the people to vote for him"

Haryana Elections: BJP and the urgent need to make state governments work

"It’s not about Jat votes, Muslim votes and Dalit votes anymore. Put against development and effective welfare schemes, caste based voting would lose any day. Governments have to perform to win elections. Haryana has given a scare. Delhi could just prove the point"

Rafale Shastra Puja: If Santa isn't absurd, how are our traditions?

"Why would any tourist visit India if it becomes a copy of the west? Rajnath Singh's act was not a ‘tamasha’. It was an instance of one proud Indian wearing his traditions on his sleeve"

You might disagree with her, but Mahua Moitra not Rahul Gandhi is the kind of opposition India deserves