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38,000 Kg plastic collected, District Collector’s rice-for-plastic idea a hit!

“C Narayan Reddy is on a mission to turn Mulugu plastic free. And the way he is innovating, his district might just become the pilot for the whole country"

5 reasons why free travel for women is revolutionary

“The criticism of this revolutionary idea is limited to calling it a ‘freebee’. The critics are perhaps only looking into their pockets. A few hundred rupees saved every month are nothing short of a boon for majority. And when a woman saves a penny it counts!"

National anthem: 52 seconds of gratitude for food, freedom and future, why not?

“So basically when you are protesting against standing for national anthem at the movies, you are protesting because the country you live in gave you that right"

Syria thanks India for taking a stand against Turkey

"India has taken the fight to Turkey. It is considering reducing business with Turkey and has openly criticized Turkey’s adventures in Syria. And in doing so it appears it has won a friend in Syria"

Legendry businessman Jack Ma is retiring at 55 to take up social service and the world is in awe

“his tech giant Alibaba is Asia’s richest company with net worth nearing 500 billion dollars. Jack Ma’s life has been one inspiring success story”

Soon you may see more foreign students studying in India

“She said the government will launch a ‘study in India’ program to attract foreign students”

You might disagree with her, but Mahua Moitra not Rahul Gandhi is the kind of opposition India deserves

“India is our own”, India-Afghanistan friendship stretches beyond cricket

Bhutan gets it right, teachers and medical staff to be highest paid workers in the country

In Delhi, government schools are generating their own power

MP helps lady rickshaw driver who was robbed of hard earned money.

With her entire village against her, ace athlete Dutee Chand sprints strong in love

An 11 year old polish girl writes a very interesting letter to PM Modi, requesting a return to India. Here's why our PM should respond.