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Live Blog | Indian Army’s action in POK

"India used heavy artillery guns to destroy terrorist camps in Jura, Athmuqam and Kundalsahi sectors. The exact figures of casualties inflicted are still unknown"

Syria thanks India for taking stand against Turkey

"India has taken the fight to Turkey. It is considering reducing business with Turkey and has openly criticized Turkey’s adventures in Syria. And in doing so it appears it has won a friend in Syria"

India had deployed nuclear submarine Chakra post Balakot to search for a Pakistani submarine in hiding

"The navy had deployed most advanced ‘submarine killer’ P8i aircrafts to hunt down PNS Saad. INS Chakra, a powerful nuclear submarine acquired from Russia on lease was also put on duty"

Now an Indian missile that can blow up enemy tanks whether it’s day or night

"It’s a potent missile capable of destroying enemy tanks whether it’s day or night"