Relationship and love advice

What to do when staying loyal becomes hard?

"You want to explore new possibilities. But it would take overlooking the loyalty rules you both have collectively set for each other –you can’t flirt with someone else, swipe on tinder or get intimate outside the relationship"

3 golden rules to help you smooth into that likely breakup

"One short fight or one jolt to expectations doesn’t kill a relationship. It happens over time. And no matter how much you try to deny the fact that your relationship is on a downward curve, somewhere your heart knows"

Relationships: If it doesn’t work for a week, doesn’t mean it won’t work

"How often has a week or even a month of misunderstanding (read cold war) ingrained doubts in your mind? Have I chosen the right person? Is it too early? Have I made a mistake? Relationships feel bliss when everything is alright. And when life takes an ugly turn, nothing pains more than a fragile phase of relationship"

Are your friends really your friends? Here are 3 signs to find out

"if they turn that plan down and it keeps getting cancelled, it simply means they are not into you"

How to make your over-possessive lover chill down a bit

"You lose your personal space. You are afraid to do what you love. And you spend your hours wondering if your lover would approve of this and that"