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Happy Friendship Day Wishes for Girl Friend and Best Friend

by ittisikhushi | 30 July 2020

“While there are so many countries, cultures and religions across the world, the language of friendship remains the same. The indian friendship day is just the opportunity you need to speak your heart out to your buddies. Wish them a very happy friendship day with these pics”

happy friendship day

Friends come with tags -college friends, school friends, girl friends, boy friends, best friends, bestie, bff and what not. But there's one thing that connects them all. They put a smile on our face whenever we see them. We just know the next few moments are going to be special.

No quote, no wish, no greeting can ever do justice to the overwhelming emotion that friendship is. It's not short of magic. Friends complete us. They make this world such a happy place to live in. We make friendship goals with them and go on adventures. Without friends life would be such a waste!

Hey, but is it that you just can not wish your friends without a bit of fun. Are you looking for some comedy and funny friendship day wishes? You have to check out these amazing wishes we have compiled for you at this page - Happy Friendship Day Funny Wishes

Happy Friendship Day Message

“All though I am putting my feelings into these few words. You got to understand dear buddy, our friendship stretches beyond words”

Friendship Day messages need not be the old dull affair where you just repeat those same old lines said over centuries! It's time to add a bit of fun and true love to your friendship day messages.

happy friendship day messages

Happy Friendship Day Post

What good is a friendship day if you don't put it out on your facebook wall? Here we have got you the perfect facebook and instagram happy friendship day post that would beautifully wish your loved ones.

“You see, I just don't know how to live without you guys!"

Happy friendship day post

Happy Friendship Day Pic

In this world full of pictures immersed in beautiful colours, could you afford sending out a boring black and white, 90s kind of SMS wish? Of course no, here is an amazing happy friendship day pic.

friendship day pic

Happy Friendship Day Best Friend

“I admit there are many people in my life but they don't even come close to where you stand. You are special beyond words my best friend"

Happy friendship day best friend

Happy Friendship Day Girl Friend

“I may have a lot of friends and I know how you get annoyed and jealous when they take all my time but I just want you to know nobody even comes close to understanding me as a friend other than you my girlfriend"

Happy friendship day girl friend wishes

Friendship Day Wishes For Best Friend

“I am ready to let go a hundred friends for you. You are the gem in my life that nobody can match. Never leave my side my best friend"

funny friendship day wishes for best friend

Happy Friendship Day School Friends and College Friends

"From bunking classes together to eating each other's lunch, our bond has always found ways to grow stronger. This is the most solid and true friendship ever"

Happy friendship day school friend

Happy Friendship Day Bestie

“We can gossip all day and never get tired. We can catch up every single day and not get bored of each other. Our relation with each other is something special bestie"

Happy friendship day bestie

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