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Happy Friendship Day 2020 – wish, images, whatsapp status, greetings, quotes, cards, shayari, for boyfriend, for male best friend

by ittisikhushi | 25 July 2020

"Oh yes, you heard it right buddy. Our friendship is eternal. We aren't going to part ways even when we are dead and ghosts"

happy friendship day wishes for 2020

August is here and so is friendship day. Actually nobody needs a special day to celebrate friendship as friendship in itself is a celebration. But since it's there, why miss a chance to wish your closest buddies a very happy friendship day? And worry not, we are here to help you. Here are some amazing and best Happy Friendship Day 2020 wishes, images, greetings that you can forward to your friends or simply put as status on whatsapp, facebook or instagram.

Forward these fresh, funny, creative images to all your loved ones on friendship day 2020 and make sure they feel awesome and special. Because when this pandemic ends, it would be party time again and you shouldn't really upsent your closest buddies. Check out these best friendship day greetings below. And if you looking for some very meaningful friendship day quotes in english. Check out this page - Friendship Day Quotes in English

Happy Friendship Day images

Why not borrow a little creativity from us to convey to your best friends how much important they are to you. In this beautifully designed happy friendship day image, your best feelings for your friends have been put out in the simplest way possible.

“My life without you is black and white. All I can remember is that you are the one who added colors to my boring and dull life bestie”

happy friendship day images

Happy Friendship Day Card 2020

You just can't use that usual boring stuff to wish your friends, can you? It has to be a bit naughty. Here is an awesome happy friendship day 2020 card that is free to download and forward. What is stopping you?

“It just doesn't feel appropriate to call you a mere friend. You are more than that. You are family”

Happy friendship day card

Happy Friendship Day Shayari

If you haven't just woken up from hibernation, you just know 2020 is the come back year of shayari, courtsey to TikTok. Why not hop on the trend and wish your buddy with a happy friendship day shayari?

“Have you ever wondered that the best person in your life is at all there in your life because a series of coincidences happened to merge your paths into one”

happy friendship day shayari on dosti

Happy Friendship Day Quotes

“Given a chance, I wouldn’t change a thing about my past. Your presence has made my life absolutely amazing. Happy Friendship Day Bestie”

“Ever wondered how the stars plotted our meeting? Our friendship just didn’t happen. God wanted two most amazing people in the world to be together. Happy Friendship Day Buddy”

“I can break somebody’s tooth for you. And that’s how much important you are to me. Nobody dare hurt my friend. Happy Friendship Day Pal”

“The world’s in a mess right now. And yet, everything in my life is in order. And that’s just because I have you to take all the bullets for me. Happy Friendship Day Best Friend”

“This journey would have been so boring without you. If this is 80’s, you are my transistor. If this is 90’s, you are my TV. If this is 2000s, you are my feature phone. And if it’s today, you are my Wi-Fi. Happy Friendship Day”

“I know I make fun of you, like always. But trust me the day somebody else says a word about you, bones are gonna break! Happy Friendship Day My Buddy” ”

Friendship Day is one day you can use to convey your heartfelt emotions to your best friends in a more emotional tone. A friendship day quote is just what you need to tell your friends how much you love them.

“And we never thought one day we would part ways. I really miss you best friend. Life isn't the same without you.”

Friendship Day Quote

Happy Friendship Day Status

In this modern age, you just can't be without putting up a status on facebook, instagram and whatsapp. And to top it all, it's friendship day. You just can't miss this 'dosti ka tyohar'. Here is an awesome happy friendship day status. 

“We might keep fighting, but deep down we know that we can't live without each other!"

Happy friendship day 2020 status for whatsapp, facebook, instagram

Happy Friendship Day Wishes 2020

"A little insult for your best buddy doesn't hurt, does it? Why not remind them what kind of wicked person they are by sending this funny friendship day wish."

Happy friendship day 2020

Wishing your closed ones can be a tricky job on special occasions like friendship day. You want them to feel great about it and at the same time don't feel they are just being sent some forwarded wishes. Here is a Happy Friendship Day Wish 2020, that's fresh and unique. 

Nobody needs a reminder on how indispensable friends are for happiness in life. These uncertain times which have restrained us to hour homes have made us miss our friends like never before.

And though it’s friendship day, it’s being celebrated more like ‘missing friends’ day in India and elsewhere. So did you miss your friends too? Of course you did –those unplanned catch-ups, the huddling up at local hangout places, night outs, stay overs, house parties and trips!

There is so much to miss and all these memories just shake us up and scream to us how valued these gems are in our life. Honestly speaking, Indian friendship day couldn’t have come at a better time. For once, we understand how not to take moments and loved people for granted.

So this time when you wish your best friends friendship day, make sure you also tell them how special they are. It’s a fact obscured from nobody, we just can’t be without friends. We need a community, we need someone to support us, cheer for us and catch us when we fall. Just make sure you wish your amazing buddies with these wonderful quotes and images perfectly crafted with love.

Happy Friendship Day Greetings 2020

It never hurts to revisit childhood. It makes you feel how old and strong the friendship is. Send this happy friendship day greeting to your bestie and let them know how valuable they are to you

"We just can't live without each other. Can we?"

happy friendship day greetings for 2020

Happy Friendship Day Meme

It just can't be denied this is the age of memes and while most people would struggle to even pronounce that word, you should up your meme game by sending this funny friendship day meme on friends

"Who said I am jealous? It's just too hot in here. Get that bestie?"

happy friendship day memes for 2020

Happy Friendship Day Funny Pic

Why so serious? After all this is the occasion for some fun. It's about friends and when they are involved, It just has to be a funny friendship day pic. There is no fun without a little joke with your best buddies.

"It's only my and my right to make fun of you"

happy friendship day funny pic for 2020

Happy Friendship Day Sticker

You stuck them on cupboards and walls when you were young, in 21st century any chat is just incomplete without worthy stickers. Here is a happy friendship day sticker you just can't be without!

"I just don't have anyone else. My fault? You took all the time dude!"

happy friendship day sticker

Happy Friendship Day Male Best Friend Wishes And Quotes

It can be debated but perhaps, the way a male best friend can take care of his female best friend, a female friend can't. The bonding, the love like relation which is much more than friendship is so beautiful. It appears a girl just can't be without a make best friend these days and vice versa. Here is an awesome friendship day quote for male best friend

“All my fun stories start with you and end with you. You are a part of all good days I have spent. You are amazing buddy”

Happy friendship day quotes for male best friend

Happy Friendship Day Boyfriend Quotes And Wishes

Aren't they cute when they get jealous of your friends? You are so lucky if you have a boyfriend who loves you and is also a friend when you need them. Whishing these awesome guys a very happy friendship day is just so indispensable!

“You have changed so much for me. It's amazing how you do things just to put a smile on my face”

Happy friendship day boyfriend quotes and wishes

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