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Happy Raksha bandhan 2020 – wish, images, whatsapp status, greetings, quotes, cards, to sister, to brother

by ittisikhushi | 27 July 2020

It's not for nothing that Raksha Bandhan closely follows friendship day. Our brothers and sisters are the first buddies we make while we grow up. And times has it, they prove to be the best pals we can get in life time. Raksha bandhan is celebrated to cherish this very love which remains unparallel in the whole world. You can pick a fight with your sibling one day and be friends again the other. The brother sister bond is simply unbreakable. And when it's about such a special and close to heart relation it just can't go without wishing happy raksha bandhan whether you are living in the same house or are parted for any obvious reason.

We have created for you some fresh and funny raksha bandhan images that you can forward to your brother or sister on whatsapp, instagram or facebook. And the way we have designed these happy raksha bandhan pics, it would surely leave a smile on their face. So what are you waiting for? Download these Raksha bandhan greetings and send them out now or just put a status.


It's not just you who is far, my heart, my joys and all the fun is out there with you too. I miss you sissy.

Happy raksha bandhan 2020 missing sister

Happy Raksha bandhan images

All though you have grown up together but still it feels a bit awkward to express to your sister or brother how much they matter to you. And when it's Raksha Bandhan, things can get even more difficult. What should you send as happy raksha bandhan image that doesn't sound too dramatic but also tells them how much you love them. Here is an image wishing happy raksha bandhan to brother.

“I just can't thank mom enough for giving me a best friend like you my brother”

happy raksha bandhan images

Happy Raksha bandhan wishes 2020

Selecting that perfect wish for your brother or sister can be difficult. There is so much 'usual' stuff available on the internet. Don't you want to stand out with your happy raksha bandhan wishes for 2020? We have got you your best chance with this amazing rakhi wish.

“I don't care if you are big enough. Your sister is going to stand by your side no matter what!”

Happy raksha bandhan wishes 2020 for brother

Happy Raksha bandhan photo 2020

Have you already scrolled through the entire internet and yet couldn't find a happy raksha bandhan photo for 2020 to forward to your lovely siblings? We don't blame you. Selecting that perfect rakhi photo can be so difficult. How do you really pack so many emotions into one photo?

“You still haven't stopped complaining to mom, have you? Anyway, happy raksha bandhan sister”

happy raksha bandhan photo to sister

Happy Rakhi Cartoon 2020

Nothing other than cartoons do justice to a brother sister relation. It's that funny and yet loving! So why not send a happy rakhi cartoon to your sister and tell her how annoying yet wonderful she is.

“Thank you for being such a caring sister to me. I couldn't have asked for more from god”

Happy Raksha Bandhan cartoon

Happy Raksha bandhan Status

Oh just wait. Have you missed the train already? Hurry up! upload this funny happy raksha bandhan status to your facebook, instagram or whatsapp ans tell the world how much your siblings matter to you. And in the process tickle a smile out too!

“We might keep fighting, but deep down we know that we can't live without each other!"

Happy raksha bandhan 2020 status

Happy Raksha Bandhan greetings 2020

Greetings are not sent out by post any more. This isn't 90s. The world has changed and so have we. We added a little bit of flavour to your usual raksha bandhan greetings and ensured your wish doesn't sound too boring. Check out this awesome rakhi greeting we have made for you.

"Oh yes, you heard it right buddy. Our friendship is eternal. We aren't going to part way even when we are dead and ghosts."

happy raksha bandhan greetings for 2020

Happy Raksha Bandhan card 2020

Cards have turned digital in this age. You don't need to spend any money now to buy a physical card and then post it. It's Raksha Bandhan and we have created the perfect, meaningful card for 2020 with a deep thought.

"I never needed a best friend. I had you. And you are just so wonderful"

happy raksha bandhan card for 2020

Happy Raksha Bandhan quotes 2020

Do you know why quotes are loved? Because they carry a deep thought. A few words that put together express your heart out. And when it's a festival about brother and sister love, happy raksha bandhan quotes are a must!

"I am just not done with you. You make my life bliss and I want more of you. Please return in my next birth too"

happy raksha bandhan quotes for 2020

Happy Raksha Bandhan Bhai

Yes, brothers can be annoying at times but they are so protective and caring that you just can't be without loving them. But it just doesn't serve the purpose if you express your love for them without pulling their leg a bit. Here is a happy raksha bandhan bhai wish, you surely can put to good use.

"Yup, you belong to the family. Hear the truth brozy"

happy raksha bandhan bhai for 2020

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