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Raksha Bandhan Quotes in English

by ittisikhushi | 31 July 2020

“The closest friend I can recall from childhood is you. I never got somebody as trustworthy as you in my life. You will forever be my best friend. I can't thank Mom and Dad enough for giving me an awesome sibling like you”

Happy Raksha Bandhan quotes and wishes

Here comes August, and festivals in India are on a spree already. The joyous day of Raksha Bandhan is here. It's time to celebrate the awesome brother-sister relation that has no parallels. While you might be fortunate to have your sibling with you for the festival of rakhi, there are many others who are living miles apart. And in both cases, it doesn't hurt to forward a special Raksha Bandhan quote that is absolutely laden with love and care.

Here in this post we have compiled for you some of the best and deep raksha bandhan quotes in English that you choose to put as a facebook or instagram status, send it over on whatsapp or put it on your wall. Find out some amazing quotes on brother and sister below. And if you are looking for some funny raksha bandhan wishes, you might want to check out this page of ours - Raksha Bandhan Funny Wishes

Raksha Bandhan Quotes 2020

“Hey there, I never had a choice picking you as my sibling. But after all these years of bearing you, I feel I am enjoying the trauma that you are. I really hope God sends you down in my life in next birth too”

happy raksha bandhan quotes

“Sometimes I wonder, how peaceful life would have been without an annoying sibling like you but the thing is I have grown so used to this cacophony now that the thought of missing it shakes me from within. Stay like this no matter what”

“You are the reason "Ek hazaro mein meri behna hai" song makes sense to me. You are such a wonderful sister. I can't put in words how fortunate I am to have you in my life”

“You have saved me a countless times from the wrath of our parents by putting up a straight face and lying. You are just so awesome! What would I have done without you?”

“Remember when we used to fight like cats and dogs all day and not get tired? In the end we were friends again because we knew we are important to each other -that's sibling love”

“I wish I could reduce you to an ant size and put you in my pocket. You know I get bored at times and if that happens I can take you anywhere and pull you out to entertain me with your stupidity. Love you”

“In the end of the day family is family. My friends might turn their back one me one day but in a sibling like you, I know I always have somebody to take care of me in good and bad times"

“If I have to fight a monster, I would choose you to be on my side and not some big body builder because I know you can go to any extent to protect me. There is no one like you in my life brother”

“Once all this corona thing is over, I want to go on a brother sister outing with you so we can celebrate successfully bearing each other out for such a long time under one roof”

Happy Raksha Bandhan Soldiers Army

Our Indian Army and soldiers on borders have been there for us in some very harsh conditions. If anyone deserves a lot of honour on this special day, it's them. Here is wonderful happy raksha bandhan soldiers wish.

“From high, frozen mountains to fuming hot deserts, our brothers are protecting us throughout the year. I just want you brave men and women to know, every Rakhi tied across India today is in all true sense a Rakhi tied on your wrists. You are the reason behind our smiles. Thank you for everything soldiers”

Happy raksha bandhan soldiers and Indian army

Happy Raksha Bandhan Doctors

They save lives round the year but in this pandemic situation, they have stood rock solid in the face of death and sent out a message to the world -we are there for you, don't worry. Here is beautiful quote wishing happy raksha bandhan doctors and saluting their courage and sense of duty.

“While we took shelter in safe confines of our homes, these angels kept fighting for us to defeat corona and save lives. They protected us in true sense. Salute to you Doctors”

happy raksha bandhan doctors wishes

Raksha Bandhan Wishes For Brother

“I bought a Rakhi but you aren’t here. See I really don’t miss you. You are so annoying brother but this Rakhi is calling for your hand. What do I say to it? You better be here next year –your ‘not at all’ missing you brother”

Happy raksha bandhan brother quotes wishes, missing you brother

“You stood by my side when I was weak. You motivated me to go big in life. You are such a positive force in my world brother. Happy Raksha Bandhan”

“Best of friends leave your side when times get too difficult but in brothers we have the super heroes who wouldn't just give up on us. You are the best brother”

“This Rakhi ain't just a piece of thread brother. It's me telling you, your sister will always be there for you, watching your back when you take on the world”

“It would have been so boring growing up without a brother to beat up. You are my dearest punching bag. I love you bhai”

Raksha Bandhan Missing You Quotes And Wishes

“While circumstances have kept you away from me this Raksha Bandhan, your fond memories continue to put a smile on my face. I owe a lot of my happiness to the times I have spent with you. I miss you”

raksha bandhan missing you quotes

“I know you aren't here with me and it's Raksha Bandhan but trust me my dear sibling we don't need a festival to celebrate our special bond. Our brother-sister relationship is eternal. The day we meet it's Raksha Bandhan”

“I just want you to know that I am going to eat all the sweets myself and I am so happy I don't have to share it with you. It's just the Rakhi which is sad in your absence”

Raksha Bandhan Quotes For Elder Brother or Sister

“I still can’t forget how you brought stuff for me when I was just a little kid. You took care of me and, fought with me and stood by my side. You are a gem. I can’t thank mom and dad enough for putting a present like you in my life”

Happy Raksha Bandhan wishes for elder sister or elder brother

Happy Raksha Bandhan Sister Wishes

You grow up fighting with them and yet you love them beyond measure. Sisters are so special that just one day isn't enough to celebrate the bond with them. However, Raksha Bandhan is a festival which adds to the already existing brother-sister love. So whether she is your elder sister or younger one. Here are some wonderful Raksha Bandhan quotes for sister along with wishes and images.

“You are annoying. There is no denying that sister. But despite all your efforts to appear otherwise, I know how much you love me. Stay like this forever sissy”

Raksha Bandhan wishes for sister

Raksha Bandhan Quotes in English

“This Rakhi all I wish for is for you to be safe. The world is changing and I pray God imparts a lot of courage and grit to you. Take the world by storm and make me proud”

Happy Raksha Bandhan quotes in English

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